What to Look For When Buying a Bandsaw

A bandsaw is one of the main tools that is used in a shop. It can make cutting, ripping, and sawing again faster and easier. Whether it’s a straight cut, angled, curved or a compound cut, a good quality bandsaw can handle the job.

There are different kinds of bandsaw that you can see in the market. There is the 2-wheel bandsaw, the 3-wheel bandsaw and the portable one. Choosing which type would depend on what kind of projects you are making. If you only want to use the band saw for personal projects at home, you might want to get a portable band saw instead of purchasing one with a base. Two- and three-wheel band saws take up some space as they have bases and stands that keep them stable. You can check out a review of the Chicago Electric variable speed band saw here to know more about portable band saws.

When buying a band saw for your shop, you should consider checking the following before making a purchase.

1. Cutting Capacity – How wide or thick the wood or metal that you can cut would depend on the capacity of the tool. You should check the diameter of the wheels and the throat capacity. For smaller projects, you can choose a band saw with lesser capacities. But, if you are doing big projects for some job sites, you would need a band saw with larger capacities.

2. Power And Speed – Most band saws’ speed can be adjusted depending on the need. If your projects vary from small to big and delicate to hard, you would want to choose a band saw with adjustable speed and power. The maximum power would also rely on the motor that is used for the tool. The thicker your wood or metal is, the bigger the motor should be.

3. Frame And Base – The kind of frame your band saw has would determine the vibration the machine does. Steel frames absorb vibrations better than other frames. The base also helps in controlling the vibration. Floor-base band saws are often preferred when it comes to reducing the vibration.

4. Guides And Rollers – To avoid the blades from twisting or not cutting straight, you would need to choose a band saw with adjustable guides and one that is easy to use. The guides should support the blade well and should allow the tool to cut as narrow as possible if need be.

5. Switches And Knobs – These are also important features to consider when buying a band saw. The knobs and switches should be easy to reach and are easier to use. Choose ones that could help prevent you from getting hurt.

6. Guards – You would be able to easily adjust the height of the tool with the right guards. Choose one with guards that don’t slip or fall easily when the knobs are loosened.

With this guide to help you, you would be able to choose the best band saw for all your projects.

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