Types of Booster Car Seats


As human beings, safety is very important in order to prolong one’s life. However, it is a known fact that children cannot provide protection for themselves. Thus, adults are the ones who are responsible for providing such to them. Additionally, the government of different countries should also put emphasis on the safety of children. Thus, many products and regulations have been developed and implemented that pertain to child safety. One of which is the use of car safety seats. The requirement of using such products has already been strictly implemented in many Western countries. Thus, no child should stay or ride a vehicle without such.

Generally, there are a lot of car safety seats that are available in the market. People can find sizes and designs that suit the age or each stage in the life of a child. The booster care seat is the product that is exclusive to children who have a minimum weight or 40 pounds. Mostly, they are the kids who are about four years of age. Since at this stage, children can already sit on their own, the product is needed so that the child can be lifted and would be able to use the car seatbelts. Acceptable booster car seats should make the shoulder belts touch the child’s clavicle and protect the chest. The lap seatbelt, on the other hand, should rest on the child’s thigh or waist. If such is not achieved, the belt will be going to the child’s abdomen and neck which pose injury risks when the collision will occur.

When people are looking for booster car seats, they will find three general types. The first one is the so-called high-back boosters. As the name indicates, they are the ones that have a backrest. They also have neck and head support systems for a more comfortable position. Such will also ensure that the child is sitting with a proper posture. The product can be used in cars that have headrests, as well as those that do not have. Another great thing about this type is that the child can take a nap with comfort without compromising safety. Basically, they are intended to prevent incidents of whiplashes and low-back seating positions.

The other type of booster car seat that can be bought in the market is the backless or no-back booster seat. As compared to the last type, such only has the seat itself. It should be remembered that this type can only be used in cars that have headrests. Generally, brands of this type have armrests that also serve as seatbelt guides. The advantage of buying this type is that it has a light weight and affordable. It can also be used for other purposes like as a seat during picnics.

People can also find booster seats that can either be a high-back or a backless type. This convertible product has become one of the most popular because of its versatility. No matter what type of booster seat people choose, they should always remember to check out good companies as well asĀ their list of the best booster car seats.


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