The Duties of a Restaurant Management Trainee

Every industry requires managerial staff from first-line supervisors to chief executives whose functions include policy and decision making. A restaurant management trainee is also referred to as the assistant manager since the position is directly next to the general manager. Although considered a managerial position, the trainee is expected to be flexible in assuming other roles in order to have an actual grasp of the overall work situation in the restaurant business. As a trainee, he may form part of a team or perform a task single-handedly whereby his accomplishment can be used as a gauge for promotion or otherwise. The job generally demands practical judgment wherein the trainee is required to remain in the middle of the operation.


Manager in Charge


As the assistant manager, the trainee assumes the top role when the restaurant manager is temporarily away. While on duty, he makes sure that the restaurant continues to provide high-quality service to customers. He is in charge of maintaining or even stepping up higher profit by supervising the preparation and presentation of food and beverages for the customers’ satisfaction. He also manages staff concerns including training them on how to deal properly with clients.


Inventory Control


Any restaurant needs to have its stock levels checked regularly to make sure that ingredients and equipment are always available when needed. The task of performing an inventory check lies on the restaurant management trainee who also prepares the checklist of materials and other items that need to be replenished. The trainee is in charge of maintaining an adequate stock level to guarantee the availability of materials for the restaurant’s continuous operation. He also sees to it that stocks are safely stored making sure they are regularly rotated and checked if conditions are fit for food preparation. Being in charge of the stocks, the trainee is expected to monitor prices and scout for suppliers who offer lower prices for their products. Fortunately, with restaurant ordering systems these tasks have become easier.


The trainee likewise makes sure that everything is in working condition and safe to be used. In case of breakdown or damage, the trainee immediately recommends repair jobs or other necessary actions in order not to impede the restaurant’s purpose to provide efficient service to its customers.


Health, Sanitation, and Safety Standards


The management trainee assists the manager in establishing strict standards for health, sanitation, and safety in the restaurant premises. This especially applies to the kitchen area where food and drinks are prepared as well as the entire dining area where customers normally eat. The trainee makes sure that the proper procedures in food handling are followed to ensure the safety of the patrons. It is his duty to provide instructions to restaurant workers to comply with all health and safety regulations.


Staff Training


In the course of the training period, the management trainee can acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise in running the restaurant business. The entire management expects the trainee to pass the knowledge to those who are going to be assigned to work under his supervision. With adequate knowledge gained from the drill, he can now exercise his duties with much confidence and authority.


The role of a restaurant management trainee is critical in running a restaurant business. However, if the trainee is highly motivated to learn, he can readily respond to the demands of the job. In no time at all, a trainee who perseveres can soon find himself occupying the revered position he aspires for.