Incredible Health Benefits of Running

There are many different exercises or workouts that focus on certain parts of the body to improve strength and mobility. Cycling works on the lower part of the body, yoga improves mental health, weight lifting can work on building muscle mass. All these exercises and more have their own benefits. But, do you know that you can get all those and much more just by running around the block? Check out the different benefits running could do to your physical and mental health.


1. Heart


Running is the best cardio exercise. The fast and the slow paces you can do when you are running would work how your heart performs. Your circulation also benefits from running since it could expand your blood vessels and arteries, allowing oxygen and blood to flow easily to different parts of the body, reducing the strain or pressure on the heart when pumping. This also reduces risks of high blood pressure.


2. Lungs


The more you run, the better your lung capacity becomes. In running, you would learn how to inhale and exhale in a way that allows the most oxygen to enter the system and all the carbon dioxide to exit. Aside from that, it also flushes bacteria and unwanted toxins from the lungs and air passages.


3. Immune System


Running regularly could prevent you from getting different kinds of diseases, including the common cold. The exercise you get would enable your body to do some positive changes in your white blood cells and antibodies, making it easier for them to fight off germs or viruses that could harm your body. The sudden change of temperature in your body would also stop the growth of bacteria in your system.


4. Muscles


Like other physical exercises, running could build up your muscle mass and make them stronger. When you run, you do not only work on the muscles on your leg, but also your upper body. You would need to move your arms, hips, and torso to be able to run better.


5. Bones


Your bones would need to undergo stress for the body to release necessary minerals to make the bones stronger. However, it is important to have the right posture and manner of running for you not to cause bone injuries.


6. Joints


When running, you would need to move the different joints of your body from your shoulders down to your ankles. It could improve the strength and stability of your ligaments and tendons. Although you might not be able to avoid an ankle sprain when running on rough terrain, you would not need to be in a cast or crutches for a long time.


7. Mental Health


Running makes you happy. No matter what condition you are in before you run, you would feel a positive difference in your mood after going a mile or so. The beautiful landscape and people you run with would help in easing your stress and make you forget about your troubles. To know more about running and its benefits, make sure to click here to read more.