Top Five Drinking Water Contaminants

Every year, millions of people around the globe suffer from water-related diseases due to water contamination and lack of clean water supply. Most of these individuals utilize tap water from water systems in their community. For this reason, if these reservoir and water systems are infected with bacteria or harmful chemical substances it can immediately affect the households relying on the water supply. This is how an outbreak of diseases associated with unsafe water is born. A water contaminant refers to any substance whether it is biological in nature, a chemical, radiological or physical element. Thus, anything can be a cause of contamination like microbes, sediments, metals, toxins to uranium and cesium.
Indeed, water contamination is dangerous. It will cost not only your money but also the health or much worse, the life of your loved one. Then, from now on evade these contaminants; make sure that your drinking water is safe before consuming by learning the most dangerous contaminants.

  1. Lead

Lead is very dangerous chemical substances that can cause huge damages even with a low dosage. Usually, lead combine with water due to damaged water piping or corroded pipelines. Lead increases the acidity of water as well as temperature which consequences to health risks such as neurological problems and reproductive diseases.

  1. Salmonella

Salmonella or Salmonella Enterica is a kind of bacteria that causes poisoning once combined with food or water. The diseases caused by these bacteria are called salmonellosis. Individuals with a poor immune system are the primary victims of this condition. These bacteria are often found in dirty surroundings and from human and animal waste products.

  1. Copper

Copper is a harmful substance which poses adverse health effects to a person. According to the reports, any type of water system whether public or private can contain copper. This hazardous substance is a common component of natural objects such as rocks, soil, and sediment and also in human-made items like coins and pipes. Though the human body may need few dosage of copper, too much of exposure and consumption of it can lead to poisoning.

  1. Hepatitis A

The Hepatitis A is a type of virus which is the root cause of Hepatitis A liver disease that is highly contagious. This virus combines with water due to damage sewage systems and flooding that enters water systems. It comes from animal and human waste like feces or stool.

5. Coli

Another hazardous biological contaminant is the Escherichia coli (E. coli). Hundreds of E. coli strain is safe and helpful for humans. In fact, most type of E. coli lives in your intestine for faster metabolism and eradication of human waste. However, one there is one type of E. coli that can cause waterborne diseases. Water contamination caused by these bacteria is often a consequence of overflowing or damaged sewage system that combines with water systems. How can you protect your household from waterborne illnesses? Make your drinking water safe and clean with the help of Soft Water Lab. The Soft Water Lab provides the best kind of water softener. Get to know more about these products through their website.