Tips to Make Washing Dishes Easier

Not many have the time, and knowledge, to wash their dishes properly. Some depend on a piece of machinery called a dishwasher to do all the dishes for them. But, even with a washer, many still have to do hand washing because some materials can’t be put in a dishwasher, or it’s just that the dishwasher is already full. Here are some tips in case you need to do the washing on your own.


1. Choose the right detergent


There are thousands of dishwashing products nowadays and it’s hard to choose which one would work best for you. Start by looking for antibacterial detergents, they help do the cleaning faster. You can also take time to read reviews or feedback about different types of dishwashing products including dishwasher detergent reviews to know what other people would recommend the most.


2. Choose the right sponge


Some dishes could be sensitive to scrubbing and you might need to use soft sponges or special sponges in order to prevent scratching the surfaces of your dishes, especially your expensive china.


3. Soak your dishes first


Soak your dishes with water first in order to get rid of some particles stuck on them. Some experts recommend letting them sit in warm and a bit soapy water first for only a few minutes to help loosen the food bits that have dried up on them. Also, for pots and pans that have burn marks on the bottom (or if you accidentally left your food burning for some time), soak them in cold water with a bit of salt overnight.


4. Use baking soda for grease


Baking soda has tons of uses in the home. One of them is in cleaning the dishes. It is an effective way to remove hard-core grease from pans, pots and other cooking utensils. To use it, put baking soda all over the surface and put water. Let it heat for a short while and then scrub the grease easily with a sponge.


5. Sort your dishes


It would save you time and also make it easier for you if you sort your dishes by kind before washing them. Put plates together, cups on one side, and bowls on the other side and so on. It would also be easier for you to organize them in the drying rack after washing.


6. Wash right away


Do not wait for the next morning to do your dirty dishes. It is recommended to wash them as soon as you have cleared the table after eating. Since the food is still warm, taking off the grease won’t be a problem as opposed to hardened grease cakes in the morning. Also, it would be a lot easier to remove food particles stuck on the dishes, pots or pans, and utensils. You can also wash as you go. While waiting for the food to cook, start washing the dirty utensils that you have used. This would lessen your load when the time comes for you to wash after eating.