State Select Water Heater: The Features and Benefits

In line with efficient electric water heater, the State Select Water Heater is one of the best to choose from. If you are currently looking for a durable, energy-saving, and high-quality water heater, you should consider choosing the State Select water heater, and here are its features and benefits:

  •    Manufactured with Blue Diamond Glass Coating – The high-quality coating helps protect or reduce the risk of corrosion formation on the tank.
  •    Designed with Self-Cleaning State Turbo Coil Dip Tube –The advanced technology helps reduce the risk of sediment accumulation.

It is common for some water heater tanks to have sediment formation due to the minerals present in the water. However, if these sediments are not removed, the sediments will continue to build-up; which will eventually lead to water tank inefficiency and damage. Fortunately, the State Select water heater is designed with self-cleaning state turbo coil dip tube, which prevents sediment formation and possible tank corrosion.

  •    Designed with Eco-friendly Green Choice burner – One of the remarkable features that you’ll only find on some water heaters is its being eco-friendly. The State Select water heater is designed as an eco-friendly water heater device that helps reduce the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) – one of the highly reactive gases that can cause respiratory problems such as colds, cough, bronchitis, and flu. Thus, as an eco-friendly device, the water heater complies with the regional standard of low NO2 emission.
  •    Designed with smart technology –The State Select water heater is manufactured with smart and advanced technology; it is designed with an intelli-vent technology that provides you accurate water heater operations using its smart electronic gas control valve. Also, it can help you determine water heater problems by using its diagnostic system.
  •    Assures safety water heating –There are water heaters easily catches fire due electrical problems or gas leaks; in fact, according to the statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, there are several recorded fire incidence caused by water heater electrical malfunctions or pipe misconnections that causes the gas to leak. Fortunately, the State Select water heater is designed with Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance, which prevents the water heater to catch fire from an accidental ignition from flammable vapors that leaks from the combustion chamber.
  •    Remarkably an energy-saving device –Despite the demand for energy when you use water heater, the State Select water heater is known for its energy-efficiency capability, where the heat is secured efficiently for use. Since there are insulation foams installed inside, the heat is trapped and ready for use; meaning, you do not need to wait for another couple of minutes to get the right heat after a few gallons of hot water were used. To fully understand more of these, try to read some reliable reviews about state select water heater.

Final Thoughts

The water heater device that you have installed inside your bathroom is one of the essential heating devices that you need to be working all the time when used, especially during winter; so, to ensure that you won’t have water heater problems in the future, it is time to invest one of the most reliable water heaters in the market today – the State Select water heater.

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