Ingredients to Avoid When Making Detox Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are prepared using vegetables and fruits. The concoction is packed with a massive amount of chlorophyll which, when taken in a large serving, can detoxify your body. Chlorophyll is a cleansing agent that helps in ridding the toxins that the human body has accumulated from a not-so-ideal lifestyle of eating unhealthy foods, stress, and exposure to unfriendly urban elements.

People who are drinking green smoothies for the first time may start to feel energized than they have in the past. However, as they feel better, they also feel slightly nauseated. The effects of green smoothie recipes detox vary in level depending on many factors like a person’s previous eating habit, general health, and even the state of mind. Apart from nausea that may take a day or two to last, other detox symptoms may be experienced such as mild headaches, skin breakouts, fatigue, excess mucus, gastrointestinal diseases, and a metallic taste on the tongue.

If these inconveniences are the path to detoxification, how can green smoothies help at all? It is important to understand that these are all temporary symptoms accompanying detoxification. The symptoms are also related to scale, which means that newbies must start at a slower pace. For example, take one cup a day then gradually increase to 1.5 cups until you can manage to consume 3 to 4 cups or more during the following days. It is also advised to know the right ratio of vegetables and fruits to minimize the side effects. It helps to increase the intake of water during the period.

Green smoothies are flexible when it comes to preparing them. You just need to find a good blender after readingĀ blender comparisons, and you can start blending away your smoothies. They can be adjusted according to one’s liking. However, with all the promises of healthy, vibrant skin, etc., green smoothies have restrictions on certain foods especially for those on a detox regime. Here are ingredients you should avoid when blending smoothies:

  1. Protein Powder

These fractionated food items are not whole foods. They are isolated nutrients with no water content; hence, they cannot be useful in the detox process.

  1. Powdered Superfoods and Supplements

Like protein powder, the superfoods are devoid of water, making it an ineffective ingredient for green smoothies. Detoxification requires more water. Using powdered super foods can only interfere in the detox process.

  1. Fats

They cause slow digestion. Avoid putting in nuts, avocados, and coconuts in green smoothies, as well as in eating them separately before meals to avoid digestive problems.

  1. Refined Oils – Just like fats, steer away from using refined oils like olive oil and coconut oil.
  1. Non-Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Using these treated crops render the whole exercise futile. Detoxification is ridding the body of toxins. Adding ingredients sprayed with chemicals and preservatives that can only increase the build-up of toxins in the body is a no-brainer.

  1. Non-Fresh Water Liquids

Water is the main ingredient in cleansing and detoxification. Aside from fresh fruit or vegetable juices, there are no other suitable liquids that can be added to green smoothies.

Life is full of toxic elements – from food to water to almost any products that surround us. However, there is no need to use another product infused with chemicals to attain better health. If we want to restore our healthy lifestyle, there are many green smoothie recipes detox to choose from. Regardless of how inconvenient the detox symptoms prevail, all that will pass to pave the way for a new, healthier you.

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