How to Maintain a Leather Bag

Did you recently get yourself a messenger bag? Do you get bothered when it comes to picking a good men’s messenger bag for work? If you answer to both of these question is yes, you are the right place. Research has shown that bags are now among the most commonly bought items in the market today. You are probably wondering, why are people buying bags? There are those that simply want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, while others are simply replacing their worn out bags. This article will help you learn how to maintain your messenger bag so that you can enjoy using it for a prolonged period of time.

First of all, you should use the bag to carry items that it was designed for. Do not use it to carry extremely heavy luggage as this will make the straps to weaken. The best way to know if the luggage that you are carrying is too heavy is if you feel itchy on your shoulder. You can unload some of your items to a backpack if it is a must for you to carry those items all at once.

Keep your messenger bag away from sharp objects. Materials such as leather and canvas are quite tough but can get pierced or cut when pressure is exerted using a sharp object. Apart from sharp objects, keep your bag away from pets and young kids so as to avoid accidents that might lead to them tearing it apart. Make sure you wrap up your sharp items such as knives, arrows or even pencils in a piece of paper before you carry them in your messenger bag.  You should also repair your messenger immediately when you notice that it has begun to have holes or cuts. As you obviously know, a stitch in time saves nine.

You should clean your messenger bag regularly using the most appropriate cleaning method. There are different materials used in making messenger bags and therefore the method of cleaning that is supposed to be used is also different. For instance, nylon and canvas can be cleaned using water and soap and left to dry in the sun. This may not be the same case with leather. It is important to note that some messenger bags have metal-plated buckles or chains which can rust if proper care is not taken. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions when cleaning the bag.

Keep your messenger bag is dry at all times. There might be instances where you get rained on when carrying it and this should not worry you. Simply hang it somewhere and allow it to drip out all the water once you get to your destination. The major problem arises when you store your bag in a damp room or leave it on the floor of a basement. Messenger bags that have been designed with leather or canvas will surely get damaged if exposed to moisture for a long period. A nylon messenger bag will obviously endure for a longer period but the metal-plated buckles and chains will rust.

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