Three Real Benefits of Using Beard Balm

You probably have seen online sources arguing the advantages of choosing balm vs oil for your beard. This post won’t focus on this long-running argument but rather on benefit so of using beard balm. But if you are curious about the differences between a beard oil and beard balm, you can go to Made for Beards, the leading website for men searching for guidelines and tips about beard products.

But before enumerating the benefits of beard balm, examine first the primary ingredients of this beard product down below.

Three Essential Ingredients of Beard Balm


This ingredient gives the beard a slight hold. It allows you to style your beard and make it last longer.

Aside from the above benefit, it also helps in moisturizing your beard. It keeps your beard and the skin underneath feeling soft and hydrated.


Essential oils in beard balm give the aroma to the product. Most oil used in beard balm has a typical woodsy scent such as peppermint and citrus. These oils do not only make the product smell terrific but also to act as a natural antiseptic.


Beard balms in the market use various type of butter in their product. Some add shea butter whereas others use cocoa butter. Nonetheless, there is a single purpose of adding butter to beard balm. And that is to lock in the moisture and enhance the balm’s spreadability. This ingredient supports in keeping the beard moisturized all day long regardless of climate.

After learning the core ingredients of beard balm, next in line is knowing the benefits of using this product. Here are the three most amazing benefits of applying beard balm.

Top 1: Prevents Dandruff

It is not only your head that is prone to dandruff, but even your beard can also get one!

Dandruff or rather beardruff as most men call it is a result of dry skin under the beard. It happens when the skin is unable to produce sufficient sebum oil to keep the beard smooth and healthy. Thus, as the beard grows longer, it becomes drier and beardruff is born.

This condition is the reason why products such as beard balm exist. This product keeps the beard moisturized and prevents the appearance of beardruff.

Top 2: Promotes Healthy Beard Growth

The shea and cocoa butter in beard balms support in keeping your pores open and help in creating more sebum oil.

The sebum is a natural nutrient-rich oil in your skin. This oil is the reason why your bread is soft and healthy.

Other types of butter clog the skin pores preventing the production of sebum oil. On the other hand, shea and cocoa butter do not clog the skin. Instead, it provides ample moisture on the beard making it smooth and healthy.

Top 3: Enhances Thicker Beard

The essential vitamins in beard balm enhance beard growth. Moreover, it reduces split ends and beardruff. Therefore, if you want a thicker and healthier beard, regularly apply this product on your hair.

There goes the real benefit of beard balm. If you want to learn more about this beard product, check out more details at Made for Beards.