What to Avoid When Buying a Toilet Seat

Are you planning to renovate the bathroom and want to change absolutely everything? Do you have a good budget, so all you care about is quality and looks? Well, if you are not limited by price, then it is a certainty that as long as you learn how to make the difference between the wide selection of options available on the market, you’ll end up buying something great. If this is the first time that you are renovating the bathroom and you don’t really know how to choose a toilet side and the wide selection is a bit confusing, check out these things to avoid when making such a purchase. These are common, beginner mistakes which you can easily avoid by simply reading the list below. Here it is:

  • Noisy flusher- Believe us, you don’t want a noisy flusher! Pressure assisted toilets are a good idea because they are water efficient and they help keep the bowl clean while avoiding clogs but the noise is just horrible. This is why you need to look at toilets and toilet seats with noise control solutions.
  • Non-standard replacement parts- You might feel attracted, for example, by a European model. We admit the fact that they look great but what happens in case something breaks and you need to replace it? You’ll have to order online and wait for an overseas shipping, which is not going to be pleasant time wise.
  • Slamming lid- Now this is another important thing to avoid when shopping for a toilet seat. A lid that bangs like a brick is not going to be a huge problem in the middle of the day but when it happens in the middle of the night, it is a problem.
  • If you want to switch from a round toilet to an elongated one, make sure that it fits. Elongated toilets and toilet seats are a few inches bigger than the classic, round ones, so if you want to avoid blocking the door or the cabinets in the bathroom, do some measurements.
  • Too high- The standard toilet is 15 inches high. Keep in mind that the 17 inches or 19 inches toilets will feel very uncomfortable.
  • Too cheap- Yes, going cheap is possible but it is on your own responsibility. If it is cheap, then it is simply not of a good quality. Keep this in mind when you decide to reduce the budget.

Now that you know more about the main types of mistakes that one can commit when it comes to buying a toilet seat, we can help you make a wise investment by offering you some good recommendations. For example, this premium elongated toilet seat from Bath Royale is an excellent choice and a top recommendation if you check out the official Project For Home website. Visit this website now and the professionals there will be more than happy to help you with some tips and tricks. Their main interest is to guide you towards a wise purchase, so benefit from that to the fullest.