How Does Blade Design and Technology Impact Your Blender Performance

There are a wide variety of blenders in the market today and each brand differs in size, power, pre-programmed settings, and function. Aside from these aspects, you should check the blade’s technology and design.

The leading blenders that are awesome for making smoothies has sturdy, sharp, and outstanding blade technology. The quality of the blender’s blade can affect your smoothie’s output; for instance, poor quality blades can create lumpy blends, ruining the texture and taste of the smoothie. Before buying this kitchen equipment, here are the top qualities of blender’s blade that you need to look for.

#1 Blade Material

Hundreds of blenders in the market use stainless steel as a blade material. Most people assume that stainless steel is 100 percent stainless steel, but it is not. Stainless steel is only a term that blender manufacturers use to refer to a metal mixture. Therefore, most stainless steel blades are a mixture of metal elements. Iron is a primary component of a stainless steel but it also contains other proportions of metals.

A blender manufactured with high-quality stainless steel has lesser impurities; however, it is more expensive than the other brands. Blenders with low-quality stainless steel, on the other hand, are much cheaper than the former; however, it is prone to ductility and corrosion.

#2 Blade Design

Take note that blenders have different blade designs; some blenders have three blades, while others have four blades forming a flower-like pattern. So, how does the blade design impact blender functions?

A poorly designed blade does not offer consistency on your smoothies or shakes; it could cause lumps and chunks of fruits or vegetables, which will leave you to repeat the whole process of blending, multiple times, just to achieve the right texture, smoothness, and consistency.

An excellent blade design allows you to pulverize anything easily and effortlessly, even the toughest ones. Moreover, a blender with wider blade system is more convenient compared to slimmer blades. Blenders with wider blades allow you to crush ingredients faster and smoother.

#3 Blade Technology

Blender manufacturers incorporate unique blade technology on their products to offer the best results in mixing and blending ingredients. The most popular advanced feature of blenders today have dual direction technology; this feature provides extra power in blending, chopping, and grinding food with precision. Thus, you can guarantee that the ingredients are well blended and smooth in texture. One of the best blenders with this technology is Oster Pro 1200. Using this blender you can crush all types of ingredients without difficulties.

#4 Blade Strength

Not all blenders in the market have sturdy blades. Some blenders are ideal only for preparing softer food. If you use such blenders to crush ice, nuts or any hard food, it might break the blades and damage the blender. Hence, when choosing a blender, always take note of the blade’s sturdiness. You can check out the description of the product or consult reliable product review sites like Prime Shop Kitchen.

If you need more assistance in searching for the best blender in the market, ask help from this trustworthy source and buying guideline.