Tips and Tricks on 4k Camcorders

Photography and videography have gained increased attention in the last few years. It is no wonder that the industry is now so developed and that there is such a wide selection now available on the market. New things appear on a regular basis and those who are truly passionate about this field are always ready to make the investment if what’s new seems interesting. The latest release in the industry is the 4k camcorder. We admit that there is a paradox around it, since you can now shoot 4k but you cannot view it yet so we understand why there are so many voices who claim that the 4k is actually a waste of money. Well, we think that it is wise to shoot 4k even though you can’t view it yet and here is why:

  • You’ll enjoy a sharper 1080p footage. If you think that HD is universal standard, well, it isn’t. Most cameras today will shoot HD but you can go sharper with a 4k camcorder. What is great about the 4k camcorder is that it will basically allow you to shoot videos which cannot be viewed yet but you can take shots out of them, shots of a top quality that surprise moment which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to catch on camera. How great is that?
  • Stabilizing footage in post. Ok, Hollywood’s videos are shot with 2k but they have an unlimited budget and huge teams of people who work to obtain flawless camera moves. With a regular 2k, even though you sit perfectly still, you will be able to notice some camera shake. Well, 4k gives you enough pixels to play with all sorts of effects; you’ll be able to use the video stabilization effect for a perfectly finished video, so this is another reason why you should check it out.
  • You’ll be able to crop footage in post. This is another good reason why you should make such an investment.
  • You will enjoy perfect zooms and pans.
  • The 4k is of an enough high quality to allow you to pull still frames. How cool is that?

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