A Quality Tube Amp for a Great Price

Every musician requires trusty equipment for mastering their passion. Although expensive and high end musical equipment do not make a good musician, it cannot be denied that having a quality and trusted equipment can greatly help in one’s progress in making high-grade music. To produce great music, having a quality amplifier is important. For beginners, or for anyone looking for a new amplifier, choosing the right amplifier can be difficult. Here are a few things to look for in an amplifier.


One of the most important things to consider when buying an amplifier is which type to choose. Tube amplifiers are still widely used today, but modern amps are available like solid state and digital amplifiers. Compared to tube amplifiers, solid state and digital amplifiers can provide high quality tones with less maintenance for a more affordable price. However, for people who are serious with their craft and for some well-known players, tube amplifiers are considered to give the standard tones.


When choosing for an amplifier, consider going for the one that fits one’s main application. A 100-watt amp may be great for small gigs and other events, but may prove to be problematic when used in an apartment without the risk of disturbing other people. It requires having at least 30 watts when playing in a live band, so 10-watt combos may not be suitable for these kinds of events.


Checking the quality of speakers can help determine the quality of the tones it can produce. In addition, consider the speaker size when choosing for one.


There are many amplifiers with different features which makes them unique. So it is best to choose an amp that best fits one’s style. Most amplifiers come with their own built-in effects, channel switching, and additional features that other amps may not have.


The price can vary depending on the amplifier’s brand, features, and so on. Remember that expensive does not always mean better. There are amplifiers out there that are less than $500 which proves to be competitive in terms of quality.

For people looking for an amplifier that fits most of the descriptions above, here is a quality review of the Marshall MG101CFX

Marshall MG101CFX

The Marshall MG101CFX is a 100W, 1×12’’ inches combo amp that is great for small gigs, events, and practices. It is one of the top amplifiers costing less than $500 dollars with quality features, great effects, and solid analogue tones.


  • 1×12’’ combo that is great for practices and events
  • Features 4 channels (Clean, Crunch, OD1, OD2)
  • Digital effects (Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Vibe, Octave)
  • Line Input for media players/ Line Output for headphones
  • 23.2” x 20.78” x 11.1” Dimensions


The Marshall MG101CFX has a carbon fiber external design that looks stylish and classy. Its compact design and size makes it portable and easy to store for gigs and practices. It has many different effects; when mixed with other built-in features, it enables musicians to create unique tones. For its price and features, the Marshall MG101CFX is a good choice for passionate players and beginners looking for a fairly-priced amp with tons of useful features.

Emergency Camping Tools You Should Never Leave Behind

Camping is an activity that allows us to be one with Mother Nature and helps us stay away from hustles and bustles of work, normal errands, and anything else that we normally do. It is also a great way for us to experience life as how it was before. No internet, TV, and all the comforts of technological advancement.

However, it must always be remembered that going out in the wilderness means you won’t have access to places where you can get your basic needs like restaurants, grocery stores, and pharmacies, and that is why you must make sure that, if worst comes to worst, you’re all geared up to face any emergencies, especially when you get lost.

Item Checklist

The items that are listed and discuss below are just some of the most important and often forgotten things that one might need in hand. Remember that you still need to pack up your basic needs like water, food, clothes, and the likes.

1. Safety Blanket

Definitely, you’ll be carrying a sleeping bag or mat with you as well as a tent. Nonetheless, having a safety blanket is also a necessity as it can serve as an emergency tent when you get lost or when your tent gets lost or when the situation calls for you leaving some other things behind.

The safety blanket can also be used as your protection from the cold or rain since you can just wrap yourself around it. Similarly, most safety blankets are made of weather proof materials.

2. Knife

A knife, particularly a bushcraft knife like the ones you find at Camp Activities, is also a must-have when you go camping since it also serves multiple purposes. Of course, you can use it to open canned goods, in case you brought one.

You can also utilize the knife to help you get through bushes and tall grasses as you can cut them off. Similarly, during emergency situations, you can protect yourself from wild animals and can entangle any grasses or roots that might entangle your feet, legs, or any part of your body.

3. Pocket Mirror

Surely, most of you will not think of placing a mirror inside your camping gear. What for, right? The thing is that mirrors are helpful items for outdoor activity lovers. For one, a pocket mirror can help you check any possible wounds on your face or shoulders, especially if you are alone or got separated from the group.

What is more interesting is that mirrors can also be used as a life-saving tool since it can scare away animals by letting the sun reflect into the mirror and pointing it towards the animal.

4. Whistle

Have you watched the movie Titanic? Remember how Rose managed to call the rescue team to let them she’s alive? Similar to that situation, you can also use a whistle to help your companions locate you when you get lost or the rescue team finds you if you all got lost.

Final Thoughts

Camping is an activity that we will never get outdated. It is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy a day out. The dangers that come with it are normal as similar to any activities. So, just be sure that you are prepared for the worst. It’s always better safe than sorry.

A Lamp with Unique Design

Common lamp shades in homes are used to create a low light suitable for reading or creating a warm and relaxing mood to easily fall asleep. They are also a good decoration for the room, but other than those functions, lamp shades just collect dust most if the time. They are not used all the time, and some people can do without it, and some people usually just use them as fillers. But having the right lamp shade can actually improve the home in different aspects. An attractive lamp that goes well with the room decors can greatly improve the vibe and the appearance of the room.

What if there’s a lamp that does more than just common lamps do?; A type of lamp that not only gives good lighting, but is also attractive, with tons of health benefits. As unbelievable as it may seem, but there really is a lamp that claims to do all that. They are called Himalayan Salt lamps.

Himalayan Salt lamps are said to give numerous health benefits when used at home. These types of lamps are different from common lamps found in homes. Traditional lamps have a stand and a shade that covers the light bulb. Salt lamps, however, only has a big chunk of special salt that sits on top of a base with the light bulb inside, creating a beautiful warm glow as the light passes through the chunk of salt.

Crystal Décor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Most salt lamps come with the design that is stated above: big chunk of Himalayan salt on top of a base containing the light bulb. But the Crystal Décor Natural Himalayan Salt lamp is different when it comes to its appearance and design.

The Crystal Décor Salt lamp has a 5x5x5 metal basket that holds the small chunks of Himalayan salt. The metal basket not only holds the chunks of salt perfectly, but also protects them from outside forces that may break them further into smaller pieces. The metal basket comes with different cut-out design to choose from, which includes patterns like leaves, sun, snowflakes, etc.  The patterns on the metal basket create a wonderful contrast when the lamp is switched on. The warm and pinkish glow from the salt lamp, complimented by the patterns on the metal basket, is truly a wonderful sight. This unique salt lamp design will create relaxing vibe inside the room and will surely catch the attention of any visitor.

Aside from being attractive to the eyes, the Crystal Décor Natural Himalayan salt lamps have tons of health benefits. While it is true that most lampshades only collect dust, these salt lamps collect dust on purpose as a reaction of salt with the light bulb when it warms, which results in a cleaner and fresher air. The negative ions released into the air as a reaction when the salt is warmed by the light bulb is said to improve mood and health, which is comparable to that of going on an outdoor adventure or any positive activities.

The Crystal Décor Natural Himalayan salt lamp is a perfect addition to the home that does not only improve the vibe and appearance of the home, but also gives the users other health benefits.