Four Best-Seller Beginner Sewing Machines this 2018

Sewing is a great skill and a wonderful craft to learn. You can use your sewing skills to start a business or just for fun. Moreover, this craft enhances your creativity. Imagine, making your own dresses instead of frequently buying in store. You can surely save more money with this skill and design dresses as you wish.

For this reason, several have tried to start learning how to sew. In fact, it is not that difficult to learn this craft. All you need is an excellent tutor and of course, a high-quality beginner sewing machine.

Investing in a beginner sewing machine is important when getting started with sewing. However, searching for the best sewing machine is not easy. Mind you, there are lots of brands of sewing machines in the market these days. Likewise, each one of these has their unique characteristics making one brand better compared to another. The good thing is there are reliable product review sites on the web which provides detailed information regarding top seller beginner sewing machine this year.

To help you choose, here are some sewing machines suitable for beginners that you must check out.

1. Singer 7258-On top of the list is the Singer 7258. The brand Singer is a reputable manufacturer of durable and high performing sewing machines. One of their best products for beginners, the Singer 7258 is designed to help newbies practice this skill with ease. This sewing machine has a built-in 100 stitches in varying decorative styles. It also features bobbin winding, automatic buttonholes, automatic needle threader and free arm sewing. The whole package comes with a training DVD for beginners.

2. Brother CS600i-Next to your list of high-quality beginner sewing machine is Brother CS600i. This computerized sewing machine is one of the most affordable choices in the market. It features 60 built-in stitches, nine presser feet for all types of stitching, an automatic needle threader, and a programmable needle positioning system. Brother CS600i has an LCD screen with buttons to help you manage the equipment with ease. Also, this machine offers variable speed control.

3. Janome 2212-This sewing machine is guaranteed high-quality despite its smaller size. This equipment is built for daily sewing. It features 12 different stitches, a selection of knobs and a comprehensive instructional manual for beginners. Additionally, this item is perfect for beginners since its system is simple and quick to understand.

4. Singer 4423-If you want to harness your sewing skills by doing large sewing projects, then invest a heavy duty sewing machine for beginners like Singer 4423. This sewing machine is designed to handle heavy duty sewing projects like draperies and slipcovers. It can sew various types of fabric from thin up to eight layers of denim and canvas. Also, it features an amazing speed of 1100 spm which is a great investment for industrial sewing.

Do you already have a sewing machine in mind? 

If not, learn more about the best-seller sewing machines in the market through reliable sources like this. Likewise, don’t forget to consult product reviews to help you choose the perfect sewing machine for your project.