Top Seller Brands of Handheld Vacuum for Cat Litter

Do you have cats at home?

Cats are sweet and adorable. However, along with this fuzzy cuteness is a stench smell and pungent cat litter. Although cats are trained to use a litter box, they sometimes pee on furniture, floor, and other areas around your home to mark their territory. Well, it is an innate characteristic of cats that you have to expect.

Cleaning pungent cat pee is difficult. The smell is not easy to remove by simple wiping or washing. In fact, the stinky odor stays for a few days at most. Then, how can you resolve this cat litter problem?

The best option is to use a handheld vacuum.

Vacuums are not solely for home cleaning of dust and pet hair. There are vacuums which are designed to help in tidying cat litter mess. This equipment, especially handheld vacuums are quite effective with this task. It easily removes all that stinky smell in no time.

Searching for a durable and impressive handheld vacuum is easy. All you have to do is lay down your options and consider one of the best handheld vacuums for cat litter from the list below.

#1 Bissell Multi 1985 Handheld Vacuum

One of the best-selling hand vacuums in the market is Bissell Multi 1985. This cleaning equipment received a high satisfaction rating from customers due to quality, performance, and technology. Bissell Multi 1985 features a compact and ergonomic design for convenience. It can clean all kinds of surfaces with the support of a powerful suction system of the device. Moreover, it comes with a motorized brush for twice better cleaning, especially in upholstered items. Bissell Multi 1985 can run for 15 minutes using a powerful 22V battery.

#2 Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 

This cordless goodness is an excellent tool for small cleaning task. Although lightweight, Bissell Pet Hair Eraser features a strong suction that can remove dirt and cat litter smell fast. Also, this equipment is best for cleaning hard to reach areas such as under furniture and corners. This vacuum can operate for 15 minutes powered by a battery.

#3 Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vacuum

Eureka Easy Clean is one of the high-performing handheld vacuums this year. It features two powerful motors. One motor has a strong suction that removes all kinds of dirt and smell on your carpet, rug, floor, or anywhere in your house. The second motor keeps the brush rolling as for faster and easier cleaning. The second motor can be switched on or off as you desire. In addition, this vacuum features a Riser Visor technology. This allows the Eureka to clean all vertical surfaces without much effort.

#4 Shark Pet Perfect II Vacuum

The Shark Pet Perfect II is the best hand vacuum for all round small cleaning task in your home. It works excellently in removing stubborn pet hair in rugs, carpets, and upholstery. Also, it eradicates pungent smell from cat litter in all types of fabric.

Indeed, choosing a handheld vacuum is tricky at first. That is why you need a reliable guide like this to help you in handpicking the perfect hand vacuum for your needs.