Ways to Maximize the Charging Speed of Your Solar Backpack

Imagine while you are on a mountain climbing expedition and the batteries of your GPS device and other electronic necessities died after your second day of excursion, is it not going to be tough from that day on? Imagine the flipside of not having a source of power while you are on the move, makes your expedition even tougher; this is the reason why owning a solar panel with efficient batteries makes your every expedition worthwhile and secured.

What is a solar backpack?

A solar backpack is equipped with built-in thin solar film cells and integrated with batteries. Like many solar panels, the absorbed sunlight is converted to energy and is stored in the batteries. Most of these backpacks with solar panels are equipped with power up to 10 watts and a battery capacity of 16,000mAh.

But how can you maximize the charging speed of your solar backpack?

Remember that solar power from your solar backpack does not have same power ability to charge every device you have like the ones you get from the usual sources of electricity unless you have a solar-powered backpack that is able to do so.
Nevertheless, below are some smart ways on how to maximize the charging speed and charging ability of your solar backpack:

1. Best to charge outdoors where there is a good source of solar energy

Even though it is daytime, do not charge your solar backpack together with your other electronic devices inside your tent. According to the experts, charging inside the tent slows down the charging time due to the dryness of air and the temperature inside the tent. So, to maximize the charging speed of your solar backpack, try to place your backpack outside where there is a good source of solar energy.

However, if in case you are unable to charge your solar backpack outside due to a bad weather, you have to control your charging time with the devices you have until you get a good source of solar energy.

2. Make sure to face the solar cells to where the source of energy is

The most obvious thing to do to maximize the charging time of your solar-powered back is to have the solar cells of your backpack face to where the sunlight is. However, if you are constantly on the move, your solar panel’s charging speed changes; so, if you have time to relax, it would be wise to take that opportunity to place your backpack to where the sunlight directs.

3. Choose to use shorter cables

One of the best things to do to maximize the amount of energy stored in your solar backpack is by using shorter cables. According to the experts, the shorter the cable, the faster the charging speed; also, the shorter the cable, there will be lesser wasted energy.

Final Thoughts

A solar backpack is a huge help to travellers and adventure junkies; even if you are out-of-nowhere, you still have a reliable source of energy. However, to maximize the use of your solar-powered energy, use the energy wisely.